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1) stroll prostitute alley
Open to all
a seedy part of town
BIG BLACK MAN, daddyT, mrs green, MrYellow, sally in debt, sarina ts (6)
2) ctsaloon The Cross Time Saloon
Open to all, owned by lordcallahan
Welcome to The CrossTime Saloon. A Safe Consentual Room Come in Pull up a Chair and Have Fun
Angus Mason, ATN, Denzel, milana{D}, r.g. (5)
3) xaviers Home of Master Xavier
Open to all, owned by Xavier
The Home of Master Xavier. - an elegant home dedicated to Black Men and Women Who seek the pleasures of being served by white sluts and whores
laufeia, shayde, kimber{X} , slutty (4)
4) corp The Corporation
Open to all
A Corporate Office where the bosses are after the secretaries...And the secretaries molest the delivery boys...Butt pinching is encourged...NO rape or bloodletting
BigBad Esq., secretarial susan (2)
5) soi State of Insanity
Open to all
The State of Insanity... Where seph runs.. because a flock of people run to catch her... Ahhh... we dont suffer from insanity.. we enjoy it!
~ms mouse~, slutty (2)
6) kodilodg@jag ~Kodiak Crossing~OOC @ jag
Open to all, owned by KodiWhiteMane@jag
Lodge of Kodiak WhiteMane OOC
KodiakWhiteMane, MaL of Port Kar@gor (2)
7) soatown SONS || The Streets of Charming.
Open to all, owned by whiskey
A quaint, unaffected town in California where our outlaws protect their sheltered home against drug traffic, hungry gangs, corporate developers & bigshots, and overzealous law officers.
Valentina Reid, Alroy Lucero (2)
8) handjob Handjob Heaven
Open to all, owned by Stranger Grey
A place to post pics, discuss, or play out those delicious, spurting hjs. Apologies to tvs, cds and the gay community but this room is heterosexual in nature!
lil'pixie, Stranger Grey (2)
9) sshh a room of secret whispers
Open to all
A room of secret whispers. Post only to show that you are in the room. No public conversations.
Dante@jag, mikayla (2)
10) art Deviant
Citizens only, owned by *username
Just a small place to hang out with friends or sit alone. Pic's are openly posted. Not to be viewed when around children are present and/or at work.
sweet melissa (1)
11) bmdice Black Market Dice
Open to all, owned by heating
A gambling room associated with The Black Market Slave Pens.
heating (1)
12) twodoors Aoshi and Naoki
Open to all, owned by Aoshi
A safe house or meeting place for Naoki and Aoshi. The hidden location is subject to frequent change of address or city. It may be in any secured location of Scylla 6.
Naoki (1)
13) wives Wives
Open to all, owned by The Wives Room Regulars
Laid back room generally inhabited by an eclectic group with varied interests and the topics of discussion may lead anywhere. However, it is NOT a cybersex pick-up room.This is one of the old
~ms mouse~ (1)
14) nyooc OOC Chat for the New York City RPG
Open to all
The New York City RPG is a Trueblood / Anita Blake concept realm based in New York City. This is the OOC chat room.
Annika Abram (1)
15) alaska1 Alaska ~ The Great Land
Open to all, owned by Troll
For Alaskans and those who want to know more about The Great Land, The Last Frontier, Land of the Midnight Sun & Fridgid Winter Nights!
~ms mouse~ (1)
16) msmouse ms mouse's house
Open to all, owned by msmouse
A cozy cottage at the bottom of the foothills, a quiet place to chat, share ideas, just have fun.No violence/public sceening, please respect all who enter here. EST 2/99
~ms mouse~ (1)
17) familia The Home of Family Fun
Open to all, owned by *username
This is a place for those who LOVE members of their family to play out those fantasies that just never see the light of day. ~Enjoy~
daddyT (1)
18) ilcielo2 Il Cielo
Open to all, owned by Adrienne
Il Cielo Pizzeria, City RPG. Currently Closed for Remodeling. Open for RP
Adrienne (1)
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