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1) mcnc2 Mind Control - Non-consensual
Open to all, owned by re-mind me
They are innocent until You want them not to be. Control is in Your hands because 'their mind is not their own'
ewangelina, Jon Marks, Room Technician (3)
2) exposure The Naked Truth - R/T Exhibition Room
Open to all, owned by exhibitionist
Venue for those who enjoy exposing and for those who enjoy looking...fantasies, teasing and directed play...come tell us your r/t experiences flashing, be directed r/t...or post a picture
dollbaby, Orchestrator (2)
3) altdiner Sammy's Diner
Open to all, owned by Jac Ferruzza
Sammy's Diner..Serving the best diner food 24/7..Please post IC..Keep OOC to whispers or mail. Trollers will be batter dipped and deep fried. Part of the ALT World RPG.
Rieley Zimmermen, Macy Adams (2)
4) sharhome Sharvani's Apartment
Open to all, owned by Sharvani Sparks
Sharvani's apartment near the Xavier Institute. Urban Legends RPG
Sharvani Sparks (1)
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